Today we’re going to talk about homonyms – words with identical spelling and pronunciation but with totally different meanings… If you’re already well underway learning Norwegian and feel ready for a little challenge – Read on! Prepare to be confused and amused! This article is in lettnorsk. You will be able to understand all the…

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The Search for the Shortest Norwegian Words – Part 2

It’s been a big election night for the small parties, and in the language arena the small words in Norwegian also pack the punch. In this second article about Norwegian “micro words” we are taking you a little deeper into the myriad of short lexical entities… In the last article on short words we pointed…

Giving orders in Norwegian – verbs in the imperative

This week we’ll look at verbs and how they can work in Norwegian. We’ll give you a short and sweet overview over all the ways in which you can conjugate verbs. But our main focus is – as the heading suggests – how to make people do what you tell them, a.k.a. How to tell…

Ikke bokstavelig talt Del 1 Å bo i koffert

The Norwegian language is full of strange little idiosyncracies. Many of our expressions seem to have a straight forward meaning, but in reality they’re not meant to be taken literally. In a mini series of articles Norskbloggen look at phrases in Norwegian that can easily be misunderstood. The rest of this article is in Norwegian……

Lær norsk sammen med barna

Her får du noen tips on hvordan du og barna dine kan bli bedre i norsk sammen. Tiden du har med barna dine er uvurderlig. Hvorfor ikke bruke litt av den til å lære det nye språket sammen? Det behøver IKKE bli kjedelig, les videre så får du se…   LESE BØKER Begynn med morsomme historier. Les klassiske…

The Search for the Shortest Norwegian Words – Part 1

It’s not the size that counts…Small words pack the biggest punches in every language. If you are clear on the meaning of the short words in a sentence this will improve your comprehension – in a major way! Let us show you how to use these Norwegian “micro-words” to understand Norwegian more quickly. – In…

Winning the battle with Norwegian monster words

As a Norwegian student you have already encountered the Norwegian monster words – they lurk behind every corner. Indeed, it is quite common for these creatures to reach up to 30 – 40 characters in length – allinonewordwithnospacesinbetween ! Don’t be discouraged by what seems like an unsurmountable adversary. Instead let Jedi Tor show you…

The beginner’s guide to start reading Norwegian books

Every year more than 5000 new books are published in Norway. Join the world’s keenest population of bookworms and learn Norwegian while enjoying great stories, adventures, mysteries and timeless tales.   This article is in “lettnorsk” – Easy Norwegian. If you can read Norwegian at A2 level, you will be able to understand most of…

The Norwegian Rituals of Meeting and Greeting

Tor is a popular guy - he meets many people every day; family, friends, colleagues and complete strangers. And he has just the right greeting for each and every one of them.   Informal greetings Here's how you exchange greetings with the Norwegians: Hei Hallo Heisann Hei på deg Halla (dialect/slang) Halloen (dialect/slang) Formal greetings…

norwegian movies

Lingu’s Top 10 Norwegian movies

Weather even during summer in Norway, can be a little unpredictable… So, for those rainy days maybe it would be nice to see a good movie.. and have you ever seen a movie made in Norway? It’s a great way to learn the language. And these days, many good movies come out of this little country.…

Secret recipes and cooking vocabulary

Secret barbecue recipes & the vocabulary that makes you a language chef this summer! As soon as the sun is shining, you’ll find most Norwegians in front of their barbecues. Some tend to repeat their culinary repertoire year after year, but a dedicated foodie loves to experiment with ingredients and peoples expectations on what you can or cannot grill. …

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