In this article we demonstrate something quite simple – but VERY useful – two certain verbs in Norwegian. Learn how to “slim down” your sentences by using “SKAL” and “MÅ” like the Norwegians do…   Most Norwegian learners I have met use the verbs: SKAL, VIL and MÅ to express FUTURE, INTENT, or NECESSITY. Jeg SKAL…

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29 Jun


29 Jun 19:00

Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Online class


Velkommen til sommer-webinar med Pia.

Har du en pause fra norskkurset i ferien og lurer på hvordan du skal holde alt du har lært ved like gjennom sommeren?

Kom på webinar med Pia for å får motivasjon og tips!

  • Vi lærer to nye uttrykk, som alltid!
  • Vi spiller forskjellige språkspill
  • Vi ser på ulike aktiviteter man kan gjøre på stranden eller på hytta eller ved peisen (norsk sommer...)
  • Vi snakker om hvordan vi kan holde motivasjonen oppe, selv når det er vanskelig og kjedelig:)

NB: This webinar is not part of Lingu's accredited Norwegian language course. Students and guests can join free of charge, but the time spent will not be considered accredited learning activity.

29 Jun
Duration: One hour

How to express your point of view in Norwegian

  “What do you THINK?” … “What are you THINKING?” Do you THINK you know the difference between these two sentences ? Read on to see if you were right … Norwegians have a bunch of different words for THINKING, depending on whether you express an opinion, a belief or a conviction and so on…

Nice Weather! – Let’s Talk Adjectives

  Tor is at the beach, and given the circumstances, he appreciates having the right words to describe both the weather and his opinion about it!   How do you say: “the great summer weather in Oslo” ? You may not think the weather was that great, but at least you will, after reading this…

Ut på tur aldri sur – Hiking in Norway

Do you like hiking? Or would you like to try it? Here are some things you should know before you set out. This article is in Norwegian. Nancy is a language instructor at Lingu.   Ut på tur, aldri sur Åtte av ti nordmenn bruker fritiden sin til å gå tur. Noen foretrekker skog og…

Slik forbereder du deg til Norskprøven

  Nå er det snart tid for Norskprøven. Og hva bør jeg kunne, tenker du kanskje? Derfor er jeg her for å fortelle deg noen tips og triks du kan skrive bak øret før eksamen. Først og fremst kan du går gjennom denne listen for å se om du har alt under kontroll:   1. Hva er…


Du, unnskyld… How to get the attention of a Norwegian

Here is a quick video summary of my webinar on how to strike up a conversation with a Norwegian   This is a 10 minute summary of a 90-minute online class. You will get familiar with the words and phrases you can use to start a conversation in Norwegian.   It might be helpful to…

Imperative in Norwegian

Fint om du kunne… (imperativer på norsk)

Norway has a reputation for its laid back work environment. Sometimes the lack of edge in the communication can be confusing for employees from other cultures. How are we actually supposed to “read” what our boss is telling us – what does she really mean?   This article is written in “lettnorsk”. Look up any…

Norwegian skj kj

Pronouncing /SKJ/ or /KJ/ in Norwegian: Jeg har en skjønn kjæreste

Tor makes faces in front of the mirror. /K/ is a letter with many faces. In some words it can be hard and tough, but in other contexts, it transforms into a /S/ or /J/. So it can be difficult to know what to expect when you meet a /K/!   The rest of this…

pronouncing norwegian k

Pronouncing /K/ in Norwegian – Kyss Kjæresten din på Kinnet

Kiss your Lover on the Cheek! Can you say it in Norwegian? The Letter K can be pronounced in a number of ways, depending on the environment. In today’s article, I’ll take you through the pitfalls of /K/. This article is in Lettnorsk.   /KÅ/ – en språklig byggekloss med mange lyder Les disse ordene høyt:   Kaffe…

Compounding Nouns

En ulykkesfugl – Compounding Nouns Part 2

Tor is in the hospital (sykehus) with a broken leg. He went skiing at Easter and had an accident. Tor is an “ulykkesfugl”. This article is about the S’s and the E’s that you often find in the middle of such composite words. S’s and E’s are like “word glue” sticking two words together to…

norwegian movies

Lingu’s Top 10 Norwegian movies

Have you ever seen a movie made in Norway? It’s a great way to learn the language. And these days, many good movies come out of this little country. Norskbloggen asked the Lingu staff to share their favorites. Here’s what they came up with.   What do Norwegians like to see on the big screen?…

Interested in learning Norwegian language?

Lingu specialises in providing quick and effective Norwegian courses to expats and professionals who want or need to learn Norwegian in Oslo, Stavanger and online.

Lingu has a perfect location, the study rooms are clean and tidy and the teacher I have had is very patient, always positive & smiling. She takes the time to explain grammar or expressions and clarify texts, further we read, do listenings, exercises and talking. It’s a great combination of all you need!

– Anna (Slovakia)

I would gladly recommend Lingu to anyone wanting to learn the Norwegian language. The teachers are wonderful, material good, class size perfect, premises great.

Inge (South Africa)

The course is for those who can catch up fast and digest quite big amount of information in a short span of time. But the beauty of it is that you master the language for professional aims very quickly.

– Malika (Turkmenistan)

The teacher involved us more in conversation and she was very supportive. I really enjoyed the course and will recommend it to my friends too!

Ashok (India)

I came to the course with little knowledge of the Norwegian language and through Lingu’s classes, web lessons and instructor aid and feedback I have learnt a wealth of information in the Norwegian language. I highly recommend Lingu.

– Jason

This is the place where you gonna really learn the language. Everyone in the room wants to see progress and assimilate the knowledge you need.

– Sylwia (Poland)