She is my motivation

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She is my motivation -

She is my motivation

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Benjamin I had a very pleasant talk with Benjamin Cox, a pipe engineer from London. He is our student here at Lingu, and he won the prize of the quarterly lottery among students who get full score on their courses. I asked him to share a little about himself and his experience here at Lingu and Norway. Here is what he had to say.

I came to Norway 9 years ago for the first time. I had a 3 months contract that was extended again and again. During the time here in Norway I met a wonderful Norwegian woman and fell in love. Now we have a beautiful 4 year old daughter together.
Currently Benjamin is  looking for a job and in addition to that he also teaches defence classes at The Krav Maga Club of Stavanger and Sandnes.
Benjamin's daughter speaks only Norwegian, so his motivation is top tier. His favorite word in Norwegian is 'pannekake'. Possibly, this may also be his daughter's favorite word.
- Besides my daughter being my motivation to learn the language, I also know that studying Norwegian here at Lingu will increase my chances to get a job. Norwegian level B1 will definitely look good on my CV.
How does learning Norwegian impact your life in Norway?
- Knowing the language does help to connect and communicate with my students of martial arts. I also noticed that when I go out in town with my Norwegian friends, they really appreciate that I am making an effort to speak their language. Now they do not have to speak English all the time and can relax. Talking about friends here in Norway, i was told before I came here that people are a bit reserved, but to my experience once they get to know you they turn out to be very friendly and welcoming.
According to Benjamin, Lingu's beginner level course was quite verbal and they had a cosy atmosphere. The converstaions were more personal and the students were learning a lot about meaning of words and how the meaning can change in different situations. In particular, he is very happy about the nice and open atmosphere here at Lingu.
- We socialized together, went out for coffee after classes, had a laugh. Sure, in elementary course there was more focus on grammar, sentence structure, etc. And the intermeidate course was even faster pace, but we were prepared for that, says Benjamin with a confident smile.
- I would definatelly recommed Lingu as you do get value for your money and much more.
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