Redesigned website and course booking system

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Redesigned website and course booking system -

Redesigned website and course booking system

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Welcome to our new and redesigned website!

The biggest upgrade is an improved course booking system with intuitive navigation and a better user experience in general. If you have registered with us before, you can log in to My Lingu with the same username and password that you used earlier (or reset your password if you have forgotten it). The content of the My Lingu pages will be developed further over the next few months.  

New pages You will also see some new pages for translation and communication services too. The page for translation services will need some more editing on our end, and the automated translation quotation and ordering will come later. So there are some future updates that we look forward to as well.  


Lingu Stavanger on Facebook

We recently registered a new Facebook page for Lingu Stavanger where we'll post pictures, videos, news updates, contests, special offers and more. Go to our page now, and like it! And next time you come to Lingu, make sure you check in on your mobile phone!