Hva er Norskprøven?

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Hva er Norskprøven? -

Hva er Norskprøven?

Norskprøven is the official Norwegian language test. The test consists of a written and an oral part. For more detailed information on what Norskprøven looks and feels like, and for upcoming test dates, read the official information from Kompetanse Norge.  

onsdag, 8. februar 2017

Do I have to be fluent in order to take Norskprøven?

Of course not! Anyone who is learning Norwegian will be able to test. Just like most European countries, we use the CEFR levels to gauge your proficiency, from beginner level to native-like.

A1 - A2 - B1 - B2 - C1 - C2

The Norwegian test itself is a fluid test. It assesses you as you go. At Lingu we teach to the tests at three "fluid" levels:

A1-A2 A2-B1 B1-B2

So in other words, the test is not for absolute beginners. You need to complete the A1 Beginner Norwegian course first.


Which level do I sign up for?

Our teachers at Lingu will help you decide which level to sign up for. You may also check the sample test from Kompetanse Norge to get an idea of what the test is like here.



Can Lingu help me prepare for Norskprøven?

Yes, we can! We have online and in-house language courses on all levels. Sign up and start any time!

Forberedelse til Norskprøven  


Official information about the level test