Gratis prøvekurs

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Gratis prøvekurs

Har du lyst til å se hvordan våre kurs fungerer? Meld deg på vårt gratis prøvekurs her. Kurset er for nybegynnere og du må kunne engelsk fra før.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Learn Norwegian in Oslo

Gratis prøvekurs august 2012

Har du lyst til å se hvordan våre kurs fungerer? Meld deg på vårt gratis prøvekurs her.

Kurset er for nybegynnere og du må kunne engelsk fra før.

We have limited capacity for this trial course, and if you would like to attend, we recommend that you sign up as soon as possible.

Please note that we require all participants to attend all classes and complete the full curriculum for the course. Note: This is a FREE trial course at beginner level. [clear] Schedule group I: Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd, at 10:00 - 11:30 Schedule group II: Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd, at 12:00 - 13:30 [message type="success"]You will get unlimited access to the e-learning platform "Min Vei" from Friday 16th at 12.00 until Wednesday 22nd at 16.00.[/message] Duration: 6 days e-learning + 2 group sessions


Course Description

Our Norwegian courses uses a blended learning model where you will spend time both with a small group and study online.

The course provides an introduction to spoken Norwegian - and you will learn how the blended learning concept works. You also get to know our school staff and teachers.

During the two group sessions we will complete the first chapters of Norsk på 1-2-3 and the relevant online exercises.

Please check terms and conditions for attending. This blended learning course gives you the following hours: Group sessions: 4 hours E-learning: 6 days


Methodology and Grading

The methodology is communicative, with group activities and interactive activities online, but also include reading and writing practice.


Course Certificate

Lingu Norge AS is an officially certified provider of Norwegian language courses for adult immigrants. Lessons that are taken at Lingu will be included in the certificate. Read more about our accreditation here.



All attendants who complete the introduction course will receive a free coupon of NOK 1,000 for use on subsequent courses at Lingu. If you are not able to attend the course in August, you can give it to a friend. The coupon is valid until 31.12.2012.


Target Audience

Our Norwegian language courses are designed for skilled workers who speak English. We also aim at students with higher education and people who generally are able to easily acquire new language skills ("Track 3"). All attendants need to

  • Speak English at an intermediate (B1) or higher level
  • Have regular access to a computer with broad band internet access.
  • Be 18 years or older

Special requirements

To attend this free introduction course, please make sure that you are able and willing to commit to the following requirements:

  • You must attend both group classes
  • You must complete all assigned online exercises in time
  • Complete an online survey after the course

Course Instructor

Elizabeth Halvorsen is an American-Norwegian, and she teaches English and Norwegian as second languages. She is originally from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Besides teaching she also holds the position as Academic Director in our organisation. [clear]   Location: Lingu Language Centre, Kongens gate 16, 0153 Oslo