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Jeg har en skjønn kjæreste

Posted Wednesday, May 03, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Tor makes faces in front of the mirror. /K/ is a letter with many faces. In some words it can be hard and tough, but in other contexts, it transforms into a /S/ or /J/. So it can be difficult to kn...

Kyss Kjæresten din på Kinnet

Posted Sunday, April 23, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Kiss your Lover on the Cheek! Can you say it in Norwegian? The Letter K can be pronounced in a number of ways, depending on the environment. In today's article, I'll take you through the pitfalls o...

En ulykkesfugl

Posted Monday, April 17, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Tor is in the hospital (sykehus) with a broken leg. He went skiing at Easter and had an accident. Tor is an "ulykkesfugl". This article is about the S’s and the E’s that you often find in the middl...

How to hysje - 'sj' and 'kj' sounds in Norwegian

Posted Tuesday, April 04, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Many people find it difficult to distinguish between the "sj", "tj" and "kj" sounds in Norwegian. Some people can't even hear the difference! But don't worry, after you read this article things wil...

How Norwegians avoid saying "please"

Posted Tuesday, March 28, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Norwegians are neither known for being particularly polite or particularly rude. But it often puzzles newcomers that we never say "please"… or do we? In this blog article you'll learn how to polite...


Posted Tuesday, March 21, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

In this article you will learn how to extract information in the style of "Torlock Holmes"! There is more to questions than chatting someone up. Information can be gleaned, mysteries can be solved....

Bra - Bedre - Best

Posted Thursday, March 09, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Recognize this picture? During the winter season this image is what every Norwegian expects to see when they open the sports pages of the newspaper or turn on the TV for the ski races… Taking a bro...

Takk for alt!

Posted Thursday, March 02, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

If Norwegians are bad at saying “please”, we are pretty good at saying "thank you". We thank people for virtually everything. But we don’t like to SAY “Thank you for Everything”! You’ll see why as ...

Gratis norskkurs

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2017 by Odd Bjerga

Gratis norskkurs for deg som er på begynnernivå. Kurset vil gi deg en innføring i skriftlig og muntlig norsk. Vi går gjennom de første kapitlene av Norsk på 1-2-3 og enkelte nettbaserte oppgaver.

A Blast from the Past!

Posted Tuesday, February 21, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Depending on where you grew up, you will think differently about things that happened in the past. That is because each language has its own way of dealing with past events. Read on and let Tor exp...

Nye kurs i Kompetansepluss

Posted Tuesday, February 21, 2017 by Odd Bjerga

Hva er Norskprøven?

Posted Tuesday, February 07, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Norskprøven is the official Norwegian language test. The test consists of a written and an oral part. For more detailed information on what Norskprøven looks and feels like, and for upcoming test d...

Is she kissing her own husband or someone else's?

Posted Tuesday, February 07, 2017 by Golara Heydari

Let me explain the difference between “hennes" and “sin” in Norwegian. It is an all-important distinction, as you will see from my screencast.

Verbs in Present Perfect

Posted Tuesday, February 07, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Here is a gratis norskkurs (free online class) on verbs and tenses in the Norwegian language again. Present Perfect Tense is the topic this time.

Hva har du på matpakka?

Posted Tuesday, January 31, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

A "matpakke" is much more than just a packed lunch. It is a national institution kept alive by hungry Norwegians every single day. The tradition of bringing a "matpakke" to work every day sets Norw...

Verb i fortid – med fokus på preteritum

Posted Tuesday, January 31, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Watch the recording of the free Norwegian class with Pia. This is the second part out of three free lessons about verbs in the Norwegian language. The topic is "Verb i fortid – med fokus på preteri...

How to get the attention of a Norwegian

Posted Tuesday, January 24, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

So, you need to practice your Norwegian. Talking to a native speaker is recommended. But how do you actually START a conversation with a Norwegian specimen? Knowing how to strike up a conversation ...

20 frekvente verb + modalverb

Posted Monday, January 23, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Adjektiv i bestemt form

Posted Wednesday, January 18, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Hva er klokken?

Posted Monday, January 16, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Tor is very busy these days. Time is of the utmost importance. This article in “lettnorsk” (easy Norwegian) shows you how to ask and tell the time in perfect Norwegian. Saves you time and trouble!


Posted Monday, January 16, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

This is the first part of a free Norwegian class about Adjectives in Norwegian.

DA or NÅR: Den gang da — hver gang når

Posted Tuesday, January 10, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Many people are unsure about when to use NÅR and when to use DA. This is something that Norwegians often get wrong too — so here’s a chance to get it right and beat the Norwegians at their own game!

New rules for immigration to Norway

Posted Thursday, January 05, 2017 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Thinking about immigration to Norway? About to apply for permanent residency in Norway? Looking to get Norwegian citizenship? Then pay attention to these updated rules and requirements from UDI. No...


Posted Tuesday, January 03, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum


Posted Monday, January 02, 2017 by Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

A quick review of what we’ve done in 2016

Posted Thursday, December 29, 2016 by Odd Bjerga

Happy New Word!

Posted Monday, December 26, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

The Norwegian Language Council - Språkrådet - has announced the 2016 Word of the Year. It’s a word that Erna Solberg used in her New Year Speech exactly 1 year ago…

God Jul!

Posted Tuesday, December 20, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

The biggest holiday of the year is just around the corner. Norskbloggen brings you 24 bits of Norwegian Christmas tradition. Make sure to add the words to your vocabulary! Join us in the celebratio...

How to say "Yes" in Norwegian

Posted Tuesday, December 13, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Did you know that when Tor takes a sharp intake of breath, he is not doing some strange kind of yoga exercise, he is simply agreeing with you! “H” in Norwegian means “Yes” ! Here we explore this ra...

More recipes for Norwegian sentences

Posted Tuesday, December 06, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Tor gives you more cooking tips for making Norwegian sentences. Review the basic ingredients, then make longer, more complex sentences.  

10 måter du kan si jeg på

Posted Tuesday, November 29, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Denne artikkelen tar ting litt personlig. Nærmere bestemt første person entall. Men visste du at det finnes minst 10 ord for jeg på norsk?

V2 - Verbet på annen plass i setningen

Posted Tuesday, November 22, 2016 by Golara Heydari

Her er den viktigste regelen for norskbrukere på alle nivåer. De som alltid følger denne regelen snakker best norsk!

Tor rydder på verkstedet sitt

Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Tor is back in the woodshop this week. He is sorting words onto shelves and boxes. Which words go where? Read on and you might be able to help Tor with analysing Norwegian Grammar.

How to hygge seg

Posted Sunday, November 06, 2016 by Odd Bjerga

In the autumn, Tor does what every true Norwegian does at this time of the year (English has no good words for it, so Oxford has decided to borrow the word from Danish); Tor hygger seg.

One Word or Two Words? Compounding nouns part 1

Posted Tuesday, November 01, 2016 by Golara Heydari

Tor is planning a coffee meeting. In Norwegian. So should he spell coffee meeting as one word or as two words?  

How to argue in Norwegian

Posted Monday, October 24, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Sometimes the person you’re trying to convince is yourself! Tor is a peaceful guy. (And he always follows the traffic rules!) But today he finds himself in a situation where he needs to know how to...

Is "It" a Boy or a Girl?

Posted Tuesday, October 11, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

At last - an article about articles! Tor is ready to tell you about the facts of life. Check out these factoids about the colorful life of Norwegian articles...

An overview of the Norwegian dialects

Posted Wednesday, October 05, 2016 by Odd Bjerga

In this video, you will learn about the main characteristics of the Norwegian dialects, including intonation, pronunction of "R" and much more.

The Norwegian Rituals of Meeting and Greeting

Posted Tuesday, September 27, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Meeting and greeting people is a bit like dancing. When Tor enters the dance floor, he feels for the rhythm, then he knows which step to take; whether to lead or to follow. Today, Tor will show you...

Thinking Aloud in Norwegian

Posted Wednesday, September 14, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

- Ever catch yourself thinking aloud?  "Hmmm... Let’s see…"

Nice Weather!

Posted Tuesday, September 06, 2016 by Golara Heydari

Tor is at the beach, and given the circumstances, he appreciates having the right words to describe both the weather and his opinion about it!

The mystery of Norwegian word classes - solved!

Posted Tuesday, August 30, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Tor is investigating the basic building blocks of Norwegian grammar. It’s VERY useful to know what they are! To some of you this stuff can seem a bit dry.

Let’s talk adjectives

Posted Tuesday, August 23, 2016 by Golara Heydari

I’ve been teaching Norwegian for several years now and I never get tired of teaching my students how to decline adjectives correctly. Let’s talk adjectives!

Analysing Norwegian Grammar

Posted Tuesday, August 16, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Tor is in the wood shop this week. From there he will demonstrate some very simple principles of grammatical analysis. – Do try this at home!  

Recipes for Norwegian Sentences

Posted Wednesday, August 10, 2016 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Already mastered the basics of sentence cooking? Norskbloggen will take you all the way to your first Michelin star!

10 tips for learning Norwegian fast

Posted Monday, August 01, 2016 by Odd Bjerga

Learning a language quickly can be a challenge in a country where most people speak English and insist on practicing it on foreigners.

How to pronounce the Norwegian 'rolling' R

Posted Monday, June 06, 2016 by Golara Heydari

Are you struggling with pronouncing R? Well, not after doing these exercises every day for a month!

Bokmål, nynorsk and the Norwegian dialects

Posted Friday, February 12, 2016 by Agnes Wigestrand Hoftun

So what on earth is the difference between bokmål, nynorsk and the Norwegian dialects?

Two common small talk topics

Posted Saturday, August 08, 2015 by Yngvil Vatn Guttu