Hvordan er det egentlig å kombinere det profesjonelle og det private i disse nye tider?

The Corona virus is a massive experiment in working from home as companies around the globe have rolled out mandatory remote work. We all sit in the available corners of our homes and squint at screens as we try our best to do all the work we normally do, via the web. And for the most it works. However, there are many juggles and struggles to be dealt with. Today's episode is about working from home in the time of Covid 19. Guests, Anita, Martine and Kristian share their perspectives.

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Escrito domingo, 15. marzo 2020 por Camilla Cahill

In this week's episode Camilla talks about the importance of adding technology as a key ingredient to the language learning process, as traditional classroom learning is currently advised against. ...


Escrito viernes, 28. febrero 2020 por Camilla Cahill

“Inappropriate” or “incorrect” usages of language are valuable “ signs of the time” that shape, develop and spice up the common vernacular. In today’s episode you are going to hear about one par...

Uttrykk med fargen grønn

Escrito martes, 18. febrero 2020 por Marianne Golimo Gahnstrøm

Føler du deg helt grønn når det gjelder norske uttrykk? Eller kanskje du har prøvd å lære uttrykk til du er blitt blå i ansiktet? Det finnes uttrykk i nesten alle regnbuens farger. Her kommer det e...

Musikk, språklæring og hjernen

Escrito viernes, 14. febrero 2020 por Camilla Cahill

Ever wondered which benefits you can reap from listening to Norwegian music? In this week's episode you get to hear from not only from neurologist and musician, Geir Olve Skeie, that has dedicated...

Hvordan bestå den muntlige norskprøven på B1/B2 nivå

Escrito viernes, 31. enero 2020 por Camilla Cahill

Your main enemy is not your grammar or vocabulary problems. It’s not your fluency or pronunciation either. All these things are important and the examiner will mark you on them, but the biggest cha...

Godt nytt språkår!

Escrito viernes, 17. enero 2020 por Camilla Cahill

Begynnelsen på det nye året er en perfekt anledning til å lage deg noen gode språkmål. I denne episoden deler vi noen tips om hvordan du kan oppnå dem på best mulig måte.

Mørketiden og lysbringeren St. Lucia

Escrito viernes, 13. diciembre 2019 por Camilla Cahill

"Mørketiden perfectly sums up the first half of winter, which lasts from the beginning of October to early January. In these months it's still wet and often accompanied by freakish storms. Any snow...

Norsk julemat

Escrito viernes, 6. diciembre 2019 por Camilla Cahill

Norwegian Christmas food is a strong reminder of just how important traditional preservation techniques such as fermenting, pickling, salting, curing and smoking meat and fish were in order to surv...

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In the book, we explain how and when to use Norwegian idioms, in easy, understandable contexts. Y...