Tre teknikker som løfter norsken din

This is the last episode of this season, and Camilla talks about what kind of listening techniques can help you reach your language goals.

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Hvordan flørte med nordmenn

Escrito viernes, 22. mayo 2020 por Camilla Cahill

Spring is in the air, and this week's episode is about flirting. This fundamental behaviour not only makes you feel good and improves your health, it also helps you further bond with the special pe...

Hvordan søke jobb i Norge.

Escrito lunes, 11. mayo 2020 por Camilla Cahill

Saira Khursheed talks about what you need to think about when it comes to applying for a job in Norway. Saira has extensive experience guiding foreigners through the process of finding work in Norw...

Bevegelse, språklæring og lykkefølelse

Escrito martes, 28. abril 2020 por Camilla Cahill

Former world record holder, Ingrid Kristiansen, perhaps one of Norway's most celebrated atheletes, shares some of her thoughts about exercise in the time of Corona, when you should exercise and the...

The devil is in in the details

Escrito martes, 14. abril 2020 por Camilla Cahill

In this week's episode Camilla talks about modal verbs, and just how nuanced you can get with them. You might think you know what is needed to be known, but your host argues that the path to profic...


Escrito lunes, 30. marzo 2020 por Camilla Cahill

The Corona virus is a massive experiment in working from home as companies around the globe have rolled out mandatory remote work. We all sit in the available corners of our homes and squint at sc...

Å tilpasse seg en ny situasjon.

Escrito domingo, 15. marzo 2020 por Camilla Cahill

In this week's episode Camilla talks about the importance of adding technology as a key ingredient to the language learning process, as traditional classroom learning is currently advised against. ...


Escrito viernes, 28. febrero 2020 por Camilla Cahill

“Inappropriate” or “incorrect” usages of language are valuable “ signs of the time” that shape, develop and spice up the common vernacular. In today’s episode you are going to hear about one par...

Uttrykk med fargen grønn

Escrito martes, 18. febrero 2020 por Marianne Golimo Gahnstrøm

Føler du deg helt grønn når det gjelder norske uttrykk? Eller kanskje du har prøvd å lære uttrykk til du er blitt blå i ansiktet? Det finnes uttrykk i nesten alle regnbuens farger. Her kommer det e...

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In the book, we explain how and when to use Norwegian idioms, in easy, understandable contexts. Y...