Today we’re going to talk about homonyms – words with identical spelling and pronunciation but with totally different meanings… If you’re already well underway learning Norwegian and feel ready for a little challenge – Read on! Prepare to be confused and amused! This article is in lettnorsk. You will be able to understand all the…

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Ephraim helped us and won travel voucher worth 5000 kroner

Ephraim helped Lingu and wins travel voucher worth 5000 kroner!

Innovation is the way forward! The world is changing, technology and science are advancing – and so is Lingu!   We are very happy that so many of you took the opportunity to guide us in creating the most optimal way of learning a language! All your great and very thorough answers have been registered, gone…

Confusion of languages

Bokmål, nynorsk and the Norwegian dialects

The confusion of languages! A research conducted in Lingu Stavanger AS, by Agnes W. Hoftun     So what on earth is the difference between bokmål, nynorsk and the Norwegian dialects?   About the project   First of all, I want to thank my interviewees for taking the time to participate in my project. In October…

Learn Norwegian Adjectives part II

So in our last blog post we went through the correct use of adjectives in the indefinite form in Norwegian. You know, phrases like, en fin bil (a nice car) et fint eple (a nice apple). This time we will look at adjectives in the definite form. Like how to correctly talk or write about…

Two common small talk topics

Hva skal du i helga? Learn to talk about your plans for the weekend the right away. We love talking about the weekend. Already on Thursday the question comes up and on Monday you colleagues will ask you what you did. So here are some useful phrases:   I helga skal jeg…. (This weekend I…

7 easy tricks for a better Norwegian pronunciation

We know that it takes effort to learn a new language, but we also know that there are many easy tricks that can help you improve your language significantly. We would like to share some of them with our blog readers. Below you’ll find 7 easy tricks to learn a better Norwegian pronunciation. G is…

Learn Norwegian Adjectives

I’ve been teaching Norwegian for 5 years now and I never get tired of teaching students to use adjectives correctly. It’s a known fact that native speakers use more adjectives than non-native speakers. So if you want to speak like a native and be able to express precisely what you mean, pay attention. The reason…

Introducing 50 hours social studies online course

Lingu launches an all new online course ’50 hours social studies’. During the course you will learn about Norwegian society, culture, politics, education, labour market and much more. The course combines video lessons, interactive exercises and instructor-led virtual classroom discussions.   The course will be lead in English, and all participants must understand and speak…

Live classes for online students

We are proud to announce an exciting new feature in our online course. After receiving several requests for more conversation practice from our students, we are now making a significant change to our online program. In stead of individual follow-up with a teacher through correction of exercises and sometimes follow-up conversations, we are now inviting…

4 ways you can break the ice and get to know Norwegians

If you ever wondered how to strike up a conversation with a Norwegian, then here are some useful tips for that. Talk about the weather Norwegians talk quite a lot about the weather. The weather in Norway (and particularly in the west) changes often, within the same day and from one day to the next,…

Are you becoming a Norwegian?

Outside the borders of Norway, Norwegians are known for being a bit timid and shy. However, when you first get to know a Norwegian he or she will open up and stay your friend for life. Or so the saying goes. A typical Norwegian is a person of few words, and as a consequence, polite…

Interested in learning Norwegian language?

Lingu specialises in providing quick and effective Norwegian courses to expats and professionals who want or need to learn Norwegian in Oslo, Stavanger and online.

Lingu has a perfect location, the study rooms are clean and tidy and the teacher I have had is very patient, always positive & smiling. She takes the time to explain grammar or expressions and clarify texts, further we read, do listenings, exercises and talking. It’s a great combination of all you need!

– Anna (Slovakia)

I would gladly recommend Lingu to anyone wanting to learn the Norwegian language. The teachers are wonderful, material good, class size perfect, premises great.

Inge (South Africa)

The course is for those who can catch up fast and digest quite big amount of information in a short span of time. But the beauty of it is that you master the language for professional aims very quickly.

– Malika (Turkmenistan)

The teacher involved us more in conversation and she was very supportive. I really enjoyed the course and will recommend it to my friends too!

Ashok (India)

I came to the course with little knowledge of the Norwegian language and through Lingu’s classes, web lessons and instructor aid and feedback I have learnt a wealth of information in the Norwegian language. I highly recommend Lingu.

– Jason

This is the place where you gonna really learn the language. Everyone in the room wants to see progress and assimilate the knowledge you need.

– Sylwia (Poland)