Today we’re going to talk about homonyms – words with identical spelling and pronunciation but with totally different meanings… If you’re already well underway learning Norwegian and feel ready for a little challenge – Read on! Prepare to be confused and amused! This article is in lettnorsk. You will be able to understand all the…

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norwegian class

Free Norwegian class: Setningsstruktur Part 2

This is the second part of online free Norwegian class and the topic is: Setningsstruktur og typiske feil man gjør når man lærer norsk.       You may dowload the presentation here:   DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION   Also, see the first part of this lesson   What you’ll learn: Hva er en leddsetning? Hvorfor er det viktig…

free norwegian class

Free Norwegian class: Setningsstruktur Part 1

Setningsstruktur og typiske feil man gjør når man lærer norsk.   This webinar is already done. Watch the recording:       DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION   Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn on this special online training:   Hva er en HELsetning? Hvorfor er det viktig å plassere ordene på riktig plass? Verbregler…

Happy New Word!

The Norwegian Language Council – Språkrådet – has announced the 2016 Word of the Year. It’s a word that Erna Solberg used in her New Year Speech exactly 1 year ago…   In her New Year’s speech last year, Norway’s Prime Minister encouraged daily efforts to include refugees and asylum seekers into society and family…

Norwegian Christmas

God Jul! – 24 bits of Norwegian Christmas

The biggest holiday of the year is just around the corner. Norskbloggen brings you 24 bits of Norwegian Christmas tradition. Make sure to add the words to your vocabulary! Join us in the celebrations!   Jul The Norwegian word for Christmas. Before Christianity Norwegians celebrated Jól at the coldest full moon of the year. Yule…

How to say yes in Norwegian

How to say “Yes” in Norwegian

Did you know that when Tor takes a sharp intake of breath, he is not doing some strange kind of yoga exercise, he is simply agreeing with you! “H” in Norwegian means “Yes” ! Here we explore this rather strange phenomenon in the Norwegian language…   The sharp intake of breath that we Norwegians sometimes…

free class

Free Norwegian class: review

This webinar is already done. The recording will be available soon Vi repeterer det viktigste fra alle tidligere emner: Uttale Verb Adjektiv Å argumentere Uttrykk og metaforer Vi øver sammen! Here you are able to download the presentation (PDF file): DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION Stay educated!

Norwegian sentences

More recipes for Norwegian sentences

Tor gives you more cooking tips for making Norwegian sentences. Review the basic ingredients then make longer, more complex sentences.   This is the second part of the series on cooking up Norwegian sentences. You might want to read part 1 first. We define what a sentence actually is, and you learn to build one…

jeg på norsk

10 måter du kan si jeg på

Denne artikkelen tar ting litt personlig. Nærmere bestemt – 1. person entall. Men visste du at det finnes minst 10 ord for jeg på norsk?   Enten du er født i Norge eller du lærer norsk i voksen alder – et av de første og viktigste ordene du lærer å si er “jeg”.   Jeg…

Webinar Argumentasjon

Argumentasjon – Part 1

Watch the recording from special online class about Argumentasjon in Norwegian (Part 1) with Pia that was held on Dec 1, 2016   Here you can download the presentation: ARGUMENTASJON Stay tuned!

Webinar argumentasjon

Free online training on argumentasjon – Part 2

The recording of this class will not be availble due to technical problems. You can download the presentation (PDF file) The contents: Argumentere på norsk og på eget morsmål – er det mange likheter; Vi ser på flere nyttige måter å uttrykke seg på; Vi øver sammen! DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION If you missed the first…

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Lingu specialises in providing quick and effective Norwegian courses to expats and professionals who want or need to learn Norwegian in Oslo, Stavanger and online.

Lingu has a perfect location, the study rooms are clean and tidy and the teacher I have had is very patient, always positive & smiling. She takes the time to explain grammar or expressions and clarify texts, further we read, do listenings, exercises and talking. It’s a great combination of all you need!

– Anna (Slovakia)

I would gladly recommend Lingu to anyone wanting to learn the Norwegian language. The teachers are wonderful, material good, class size perfect, premises great.

Inge (South Africa)

The course is for those who can catch up fast and digest quite big amount of information in a short span of time. But the beauty of it is that you master the language for professional aims very quickly.

– Malika (Turkmenistan)

The teacher involved us more in conversation and she was very supportive. I really enjoyed the course and will recommend it to my friends too!

Ashok (India)

I came to the course with little knowledge of the Norwegian language and through Lingu’s classes, web lessons and instructor aid and feedback I have learnt a wealth of information in the Norwegian language. I highly recommend Lingu.

– Jason

This is the place where you gonna really learn the language. Everyone in the room wants to see progress and assimilate the knowledge you need.

– Sylwia (Poland)