Når man skal lære seg et nytt språk, er den størst utfordringen for mange rett og slett ordforrådet. En person som har norsk som morsmål har rundt 20 000 ord hun bruker aktivt, og ordforrådet i voksen alder øker med omtrent 1000 ord i året. Heldigvis trenger du ikke så mange ord for å delta i…

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23 Nov


23 Nov 20:00

Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Online class


Vi går gjennom:
  1. Inversjon 
  2. Ordstilling i leddsetninger
  3. Som-setninger 

23 Nov
Duration: One hour
30 Nov

Verb I: fortid, nåtid og framtid

30 Nov 20:00

Pia Lorentzen Skjennum

Online class

Verb I: fortid, nåtid og framtid

Vi går gjennom:

  1.  Presens futurum
  2. Modalverb
  3. Preteritum
  4. Preteritum
  5. Presens perfektum eller preteritum

30 Nov
Duration: One hour



Compounding Nouns

En ulykkesfugl – Compounding Nouns Part 2

Tor is in the hospital (sykehus) with a broken leg. He went skiing at Easter and had an accident. Tor is an “ulykkesfugl”. This article is about the S’s and the E’s that you often find in the middle of such composite words. S’s and E’s are like “word glue” sticking two words together to…

sj kj sounds

How to hysje – ‘sj’ and ‘kj’ sounds in Norwegian

Many people find it difficult to distinguish between the “sj”, “tj” and “kj” sounds in Norwegian. Some people can’t even hear the difference! But don’t worry, after you read this article things will be much clearer, and much easier!   When I was little, we thought it was as really childish to say “sj” when…

How to say please in Norwegian

How Norwegians avoid saying “please”

Norwegians are neither known for being particularly polite or particularly rude. But it often puzzles newcomers that we never say “please”… or do we? In this blog article you’ll learn how to politely and respectfully ask for something in Norwegian. Without saying please…   Because the Norwegian language quite simply doesn’t have a one word…

How to ask questions in Norwegian

Hæ? – How to ask questions in Norwegian

“Hva heter du?” – “Jeg heter…” In this article you will learn how to extract information in the style of “Torlock Holmes”! There is more to questions than chatting someone up. Information can be gleaned, mysteries can be solved. Or perhaps you just want a simple Yes or No answer?   One of the first…

adjectives in Norwegian

Bra – Bedre – Best – comparing adjectives in Norwegian

– Recognize this picture? During the winter season this image is what every Norwegian expects to see when they open the sports pages of the newspaper or turn on the TV for the ski races… Taking a bronze medal in the World Championship is incredibly GOOD, getting silver is BETTER, but securing the gold is…

Thanking People in Norwegian

Takk for alt! – How to Thank People in Norwegian

If Norwegians are bad at saying “please”, we are pretty good at saying “thank you”. We thank people for virtually everything. But we don’t like to SAY “Thank you for Everything”! You’ll see why as Tor takes you through the Do’s and Don’ts of Thanking People in Norwegian.   Right off the bat, let us…

Preferitum and Perfectum

A Blast from the Past!

Depending on where you grew up, you will think differently about things that happened in the past. That is because each language has its own way of dealing with past events. Read on and let Tor explain…   In this article Tor will take a different look at the two most important ways to express…

Hva er Norskprøven?

Norskprøven is the official Norwegian language test. The test consists of a written and an oral part. For more detailed information on what Norskprøven looks and feels like, and for upcoming test dates, read the official information from Kompetanse Norge.   Norskprøven Do I have to be fluent in order to take Norskprøven? Of course…

Gratis norskkurs

Gratis norskkurs: Verbs in Present Perfect

Here is a gratis norskkurs (free online class) on verbs and tenses in the Norwegian language again. Present Perfect Tense is the topic this time.   Here is just a taste of what you will learn:   1. Hva er presens perfektum? 2. Når kan jeg bruke presens perfektum? 3. Vi øver sammen!   The…

sin or hennes

Sin or Hennes – Is she kissing her own husband or someone else’s?

Let me explain the difference between “hennes” and “sin” in Norwegian. It is an all-important distinction, as you will see from my screencast.     Below is the transcription of the screencast: Hi! Today we’re going to talk about the difference between ‘sin’ and ‘hennes’. My slides are in Norwegian but I’ll try to explain…

Interested in learning Norwegian language?

Lingu specialises in providing quick and effective Norwegian courses to expats and professionals who want or need to learn Norwegian in Oslo, Stavanger and online.

Lingu has a perfect location, the study rooms are clean and tidy and the teacher I have had is very patient, always positive & smiling. She takes the time to explain grammar or expressions and clarify texts, further we read, do listenings, exercises and talking. It’s a great combination of all you need!

– Anna (Slovakia)

I would gladly recommend Lingu to anyone wanting to learn the Norwegian language. The teachers are wonderful, material good, class size perfect, premises great.

Inge (South Africa)

The course is for those who can catch up fast and digest quite big amount of information in a short span of time. But the beauty of it is that you master the language for professional aims very quickly.

– Malika (Turkmenistan)

The teacher involved us more in conversation and she was very supportive. I really enjoyed the course and will recommend it to my friends too!

Ashok (India)

I came to the course with little knowledge of the Norwegian language and through Lingu’s classes, web lessons and instructor aid and feedback I have learnt a wealth of information in the Norwegian language. I highly recommend Lingu.

– Jason

This is the place where you gonna really learn the language. Everyone in the room wants to see progress and assimilate the knowledge you need.

– Sylwia (Poland)