Today we’re going to talk about homonyms – words with identical spelling and pronunciation but with totally different meanings… If you’re already well underway learning Norwegian and feel ready for a little challenge – Read on! Prepare to be confused and amused! This article is in lettnorsk. You will be able to understand all the…

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sin or hennes

Sin or Hennes – Is she kissing her own husband or someone else’s?

Let me explain the difference between “hennes” and “sin” in Norwegian. It is an all-important distinction, as you will see from my screencast.     Below is the transcription of the screencast: Hi! Today we’re going to talk about the difference between ‘sin’ and ‘hennes’. My slides are in Norwegian but I’ll try to explain…

verb i fortid

Gratis norskkurs: Verb i fortid – med fokus på preteritum

Watch the recording of the free Norwegian class with Pia. This is the second part out of three free lessons about verbs in the Norwegian language. The topic is “Verb i fortid – med fokus på preteritum“     Remember that the recording was cut and edited. You won’t be able to see conversation in…


“Hva har du på maten?” – Norwegians and their “sacred” packed lunch “matpakke”

A “matpakke” is much more than just a packed lunch. It is a national institution kept alive by hungry Norwegians every single day. The tradition of bringing a “matpakke” to work every day sets Norwegians aside from even their closest neighbors, the Swedes. Let Tor show you how to make the perfect matpakke!   This…


How to get the attention of a Norwegian

So, you need to practice your Norwegian. Talking to a native speaker is recommended. But how do you actually START a conversation with a Norwegian specimen? Knowing how to strike up a conversation is knowing an important piece of social code. Let’s follow Tor to see how he approaches other people when he needs to…

Gratis norskkurs

Gratis norskkurs: 20 frekvente verb + modalverb

Watch the recording of a gratis norskkurs (free Norwegian lesson) with Pia Lorentzen Skjennum “20 most frequently used verbs and modal verbs in the Norwegian language”   This is the first part out of three free lessons about verbs in Norwegian. The plan of this lesson: 1. Hvordan kan jeg lære nye ord? 2. Vi…

Norwegian class

Free Norwegian class: Adjektiv i bestemt form Part 2

This is the second part of a free Norwegian class about Adjectives in Norwegian.   Adjektiv: bestemt form.   Watch the video:   Remember that the recording was trimmed and edited, you won’t be able to see conversation in the chat box, dialogs with students, etc.   Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn on…

time in Norwegian

Hva er klokken?

Tor is very busy these days. Time is of the utmost importance. This article in “lettnorsk” (easy Norwegian) shows you how to ask and tell the time in perfect Norwegian. Saves you time and trouble! Slik spør du hva klokken er – Hva er klokken? – Hvor mye er klokken? – Hvor mange er klokken?…

Norwegian class

Free Norwegian class: Adjektiv Part 1

This is the first part of a free Norwegian class about Adjectives in Norwegian.   Adjektiv 1/2: positiv – komparativ – superlativ.   Watch the video below: (note, that the recording was trimmed and edited, you won’t be able to see conversation in the chat box, dialogs with students, etc.)       Here you may…

da or når

DA or NÅR: Den gang da — hver gang når

Many people are unsure about when to use NÅR and when to use DA. This is something that Norwegians often get wrong too — so here’s a chance to get it right and beat the Norwegians at their own game!   Test your knowledge Can you tell which sentence in each pair is correct?  …

immigration to Norway

New rules for immigration to Norway

These are the new rules for immigration to Norway Thinking about immigration to Norway? About to apply for permanent residency in Norway? Looking to get Norwegian citizenship? Then pay attention to these updated rules and requirements from UDI. Norskbloggen helps you keep track of the new regs. Read on…   Happy New 2017! Here at…

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